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Mall Show 2009



Flight-Fest 2009

Full Pits Great Weather Noon Line-up Lotsa Heli's Lie-up Gilbert's Corsair Juan Tex's Profile Nice Bird Bipe time
Good visit Busy Flightline Let 'er go! Gil;bert Juan Helpin' Awsome! Bell's Bipe Mo choppers Rudy's @%&# Guest's Visit

HOT Time at THe Field!!! 

  "Git 'er ready! Gilbert on the move! Charlie and Hague...made in the shade  
  Prof. Tex and able sutdent! John with Art... here for a visit! Jus' CHILLIN"  
       Jack S's.....  Air Tractor 502         Builder.... Tex Long Pretty Bird! Flew great!      100" wing,      Mokie 2.10, 17 lbs.



Pylon Race!

Action Pictures from may 16,2009 event

Take off pad Timers Tent Spotter Tent  Light "Cut" Trailer Spotter Tent spotter Tent
Nice Feathers! Great Finish! Ready to Turn & Burn Get 'er Done! Quickie 500 In the pits...
Ready to go! Back in one piece! Proud Pappa! Great Burgers Greg! Ohhhh #%@* Tex and Charlie
  Settle down PEOPLE! CD, Cook, Tex does it all Hague and Unidentified farmer. Big John...checkin' it out!  

Pictures by: Juan Banuelos

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