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Flying Field Rules 


1.   AMA Saftey Code will be followed at all times.

2.   All transmitters must be impounded with the switch off when not in use.

3.   Pilots must have correct frequency badge prior to removing transmitter from impound area.  Insert AMA card in frequency badge slot while frequency is in use.  Insure that transmitter is turned off when it is returned to impound.

4.   Pilots must stand east of main runway at designated pilot stations when flying.  Standing on runway while flying is not permitted.

5.   Announce to other pilots your intention to land, perform a touch and go, or a dead-stick landing as appropriate.

6.   Dead-stick or emergency landings have the right of way.  All other pilots must yield runway as necessary.

7.   Absolutely no flying east of fence located between pilot stations and runway.

8.   Pilots should establish and maintain only one direction for take off and landing with respect to the prevailing wind.  On calm days and/or days with variable winds less than 5 M.P.H., take off and landing shall be from the north to the south only.

9.   All visitors should remain east of fence located directly west of pit area.

10. All new or rebuilt planes flying for the first time should be ground checked by another experienced pilot prior to first flight.

11. All helicopters should move to extreme south east end of field for hovering when other fixed wing aircraft are in the flight pattern.

12. Helicopters flying over the main runway should fly with and in accordance to fixed wing aircraft rules.

13. All pilots should endeavor to adhere to the AMA recommendations concerning engine noise. 

14. Clean up your trash.  


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